SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of optimizing your website’s content to make it more relevant and concise so that a search engine will show your web page higher in results. This is done by having relevant, readable, original content matched with using keywords relating to that content.

SEO is an important part of any website’s strategy to increase traffic and revenue. SEO is not a static job, it’s a constant and ever-evolving environment that needs to be regularly analyzed, reported, optimized and updated, in order to achieve its full potential.

Competitive analysis for SEO

Competitive analysis for SEO refers to the researching of keywords, links & content of your competitors, in order to create an SEO strategy that better suits your website and it’s content, to improve your chances of appearing in search results.

This involves comparing keywords for their volume (amount of people searching for them) and their competition (amount of websites using those keywords) and choosing which keywords you are most likely to rank on.

Technical SEO auditing

A technical SEO audit refers more to the layout, useability, design and optimisation of your website, and how that affects your search engine result placement. This form of audit is more focused on the technical aspect of your web page, rather than keywords and content, it focuses on page speed, indexing and hosting.

It’s recommended you perform a technical SEO audit every few months as search engine ranking factors and algorithms change regularly.

SEO content writing

The content of your website is an important factor in SEO ranking. These are some factors to consider when creating content that’s SEO friendly:

  • Write content relevant to your audience
  • Use keyword-rich phrases
  • Structure your posts and it’s content
  • Incorporate media such as images and videos
  • Promote content using social media
  • Implement Google authorship
  • Promote link building, especially internal links
  • Monitor your activity
  • Optimize regularly

Top-performing SEO content is never static, it’s constantly monitored, analyzed updated and optimized in order to stay ahead of your competitors.