UX Design is the process in which we conceptualize and design our products to reflect a meaningful and engaging experience for its users. This process has many core elements to consider including usability, functionality, branding, and customer journey mapping.

The defining factor in UX design is to move away from user consumption and focus on the user’s experience with a product. This experience should be engaging, pleasurable, and fun for the user. The task of Vi.Amsterdam’s UX development team is to imagine and design this experience, while still integrating other aspects such as functionality, usability, and aesthetic.

Design wireframes for websites

Designing wireframes for apps and websites is a great way to manage expectations regarding the design process for our clients. It provides a map for the development process, highlighting the key components and objectives in the design process.

A wireframe is basically a map or blueprint to your website, designed to be easily editable and to create a mutually agreed reference to begin designing from, before investing time and resources into the development of the project.

Wireframes will give a clear overview of the platform’s functionalities aligning expectations from all stakeholders in the very early stage of the process. By creating the functional outlines of the platform, Vi.Amsterdam clarifies how the user will interact with all the platform’s functional elements.

Customer journey mapping templates

The way in which end users experience our products is a core part of our design philosophy. For this reason, Vi.Amsterdam carefully curates customer journey maps for its clients. A customer journey map is a process of analyzing and understanding the engagement between a consumer and a product. This involves identifying touchpoints and sentiments the user experiences while engaging with or consuming a product.

This research involves mapping significant moments in order to visualize the entire experience, with the aim of understanding, optimizing, and improving a user’s experience. Customer journey mapping is done through empathy and research, to provide you with a better understanding of how your products relate to their consumers.

UX design prototyping

Prototyping is the process in which our designers implement ideas into tangible digital structures. They are a key element in the design process as it allows you to explore ideas and the intentions behind them, before committing and investing time & money into development. It is a form of primitive representation in the initial stage of design and development, mapping the structure and future objectives of the project.