• The team

Our culture

  • Ownership

    We believe in teamwork, a sense of responsibility and open communication. This way, we enable our people to feel comfortable enough to take credit for their ideas or even their mistakes.

  • Equality

    We see and treat everyone as equal. We believe that every position has value and that’s why we give everyone the same opportunities. We believe in your talent and trust your process.

  • Homely

    We make you feel at home. We give you the freedom to express yourself and to find a nice place within Studio Vi. We want you to enjoy going to the office every day and work on projects that energize you.

  • Communication

    At Studio Vi we like to work as a team. This means open communication where everyone can give/receive feedback, share ideas, collaborate and solve problems. And with a good team, you’re never on your own.

  • Recognition

    We acknowledge your successes and reward you when you do well. We look for positive attributes in everyone and encourage the use of your talents. We appreciate and respect all of our employees.

  • Growth

    We are not afraid of challenges and setbacks because we see mistakes as opportunities for learning and growth. We not only care about expertise and knowledge, but we also invest in your well-being and goals. Your growth is our growth and vice versa.

Studio Vi Team


  • 01Full-stack developer

    Are you passionate about full-stack development and aim to create well-structured, award-winning digital products? Then this vacancy might be for you. It involves realising designs to produce responsive, performative front- and back-end of websites, apps and AI solutions using a wide stack of languages and frameworks.

  • 02Business Development Internship

    We are looking for a talented intern to work in the hybrid field of business development, sales and business analysis for companies in fashion & retail, healthcare, hospitality and more. Are you passionate about growth, expansion and analysis? Then this might be the opportunity for you!

  • 03Technical Producer

    We love to work with new technologies and concepts that help to automate the processes of organizations or create beautiful yet functional online presence. Our talented, international team is growing, and we are looking to add a junior technical producer to our team.

  • 04Digital Designer

    If you are a digital designer who is passionate about creating pixel-perfect, production-ready UI designs backed by solid UX principles, be sure to check out and apply to this vacancy.

  • 05Digital designer internship

    We have an opportunity for a talented intern to be part of an international multidisciplinary team, creating world-class innovative digital products. Expect frequent prototyping, high-end digital productions, and close collaboration with developers, creative designers and strategists.

  • 06New Business Development Manager

    Join a dynamic and international team! We are seeking a talented individual to join our team in the exciting field of Business Development, Sales and Business Analysis, working with companies in the Fashion & Retail, Healthcare, Hospitality and other industries. If you have a passion for growth, expansion, and analysis, this could be the perfect opportunity for you!

“Studio Vi has been an extension of our team for many years. Just like felyx, they are ambitious with a no-nonsense vibe that suits a scale-up. You can rely on Vi!”

Marlies Wensink

Global Head of CRM at felyx