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At Studio Vi, we build premium brand strategies from the bottom up. In order to lay the foundation, a deep dive into the brand is needed, looking at what the reason for existence is and what the brand wants to achieve. This provides direction and guides with all subsequent steps in developing and maintaining a strong brand. We take your purpose and translate it into a strategy that perfectly matches your business.

What it can do

A strong brand strategy can:

1. Create customer loyalty

by having a solid brand positioning and knowing how you want your consumers to feel about your brand you are able to trigger an emotional response which leads to consumers choosing your organisation over the competitors.

2. Improve internal productivity

Your employees are the important limbs of your organisation that can help you grow and excel in your industry. Employees however are similar to the consumer, triggered by emotions. If, as an organisation, you can convey your vision to your employees with a good brand story, you will have employees that will be more eager to reach your objectives which simultaneously increases productivity.

3. Cultivate a stronger company culture

A strong brand with a healthy and positive working culture is more likely to attract new hires/talent. The first step of becoming a brand that people dream to work for is a clear definition of your brand and its foundation and simply knowing why your company exists and what its purpose is.

4. Build financial value

The reason big brands such as Apple and Nike keep dominating their industries is because they’ve created a strong brand identity. When you have a good brand strategy and story, you will not only gain your consumer’s loyalty but you’ll also get a better financial outcome on a long-term objective, with increased sales, the potential to create new markets and scale them. Ultimately, all stakeholders, ranging from consumers to employees and investors will want to associate and do business with you if you can give them a reason to believe in the story you’re selling.

5. Promote growth in marketing and sales

When a clear brand strategy has been defined, your marketing strategies will be shaped with purpose, intention and your core brand objectives in mind. It will also give more insight on how to market your products or services to your consumers. This will not only help you to better target potential buyers but also increase your conversion rates.

Our Approach

We will identify the brand identity of your brand by doing multiple workshops together with all the essential stakeholders. The brand identity consists of two parts, the brand foundation and the brand positioning. You will also receive a manifesto of your brand where the positioning comes to life and connects the foundation with the positioning.

Brand Foundation

The brand foundation is the basis on which to build the brand. It is focused on the skeleton (internal part) of the organisation and brand. To create this foundation it’s necessary to thoroughly analyse your brand.

  • Why does your company exist?
  • What is your purpose?
  • What do you want to achieve?
  • What is your reason for being?

With this information, we provide a strong brand story that will guide you through all the significant steps in developing and maintaining a strong brand.

Brand Positioning

Brand positioning concerns the mental image you want your target groups to have of your brand, in order to occupy a distinct place in their mind. It’s an intentional process and allows the brand to influence the perception target groups have. It’s about how the brand sets itself apart from the competition, about owning a unique position in the market so your consumers can identify and connect with the brand.

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