Chatbot for Facebook Messenger

Most businesses will already have a Facebook Messenger strategy. If you want to scale this strategy or save time and costs in dealing with Facebook queries, you should be integrating a chatbot. Facebook Messenger is one of the most common integrations of chatbot technology, and for good reason; There are many common trends and topics within queries made on Messenger by customers. Most of these queries can be automated and optimized to provide an instant and accurate response, satisfyingly resolving customer queries in a fully automated and hassle-free way.

Dialogflow Chatbot

Dialogflow is a Google-owned developer platform focused on human-computer interaction technologies with natural language conversations. Dialogflow has a unique feature in NLP (Natural Language Processing) which enables it to understand and interpret human conversations and learn from interactions. This technology works seamlessly with chatbot technology, providing the end-user with a realistic and natural communication experience. Dialogflow can be fine-tuned to fit your business and target market needs, through specified dialects and natural language selection.

Chatbot for Slack

Slack is a business communication platform, widely used as a communication medium for teams, projects & customer relations. We create chatbots that integrate seamlessly with Slack ,to provide you with an all in one solution for your business needs. We create chatbot products that work alongside Slack and make use of it’s wide range of built-in features, to create a perfect solution for businesses that rely heavily on Slack for their day to day operations.

Explore conversational bots

They are a versatile and highly customizable asset that can be beneficial to a range of sectors within a business. They consistently improve, adapt, and optimize over time, continuously learning and improving with every interaction. If you would learn more about chatbots, read our article on how Conversational commerce can take your business to the next level.