Programmatic advertising

Conversational display ads

Displaying advertisements containing a conversational element increases engagement and conversion rate. Here at Vi, we design and develop interactive banners with conversational interfaces, designed to engage with users to help them choose the perfect product. This level of engagement not only increases customer conversion but collects valuable data on how users interact with the advert and your products. An example of this form of advertising in action is our advertising campaign with Daka.

Chatbot ad

Chatbot ads are fully customizable to fit the criteria of your advertising campaign. Their versatility and their ability to be integrated into the most widely used platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, and a website widget, make them effective at reaching a large audience. Conversational ads can be designed to appear in different ways and in different stages of a conversation, making them the perfect tool to accompany your advertising campaign and traffic analysis.

Our Process

Studio Vi defines these phases in the process of creating and developing an effective and impactful conversational experience:

1. Analyzing

Every product starts with an understanding of the purpose, context, and objectives of the organization and its target audience.

2. Strategy

All acquired insights will be consolidated in an interconnected approach, leading to a customized workflow for the client’s conversational product.

3. Design

Conversational designers (experienced in a unique blend of UX, cinematographic writing, and customer psychology) create the architecture of the conversations.

4. Development

During the development phase, the AI engine is fed with back-end code, flow structures, and intents (to recognize the user’s intent and to show the right response) resulting in a human-like level of communication.

5. Maintenance

Just like every advanced technology product, a chatbot or artificial entity needs to be improved over time in order to show the right responses to more and more questions.

6. Staff training

Studio Vi develops workshops with the goal to train the client’s staff to learn how to make the chatbot more and more intelligent by approving correct answers and discarding wrong ones.