Instead of implementing ready-made chatbot solutions, we create custom enterprise experiences. Conversational is omnichannel and can be integrated with many platforms including WhatsApp, SMS, Slack, as a widget on websites or Voice for a seamless, fully automated, and personalised experience to users.

  • 01

    Define business challenge
    Using design thinking methodology we identify challenges and potential solutions for our clients.

  • 02

    Craft conversational entity
    By taking the brand’s tone of voice and identity we collaboratively create a conversational entity.

  • 03

    Create conversation design
    Here we curate the conversation and define the flow and its underlying logic in a detailed design specification that represents the complete user experience. We partner with stakeholders and developers to iterate on the designs and bring the experience to life.

  • 04

    Development of conversational entity
    We push the limits of possibilities while using market-proven technologies that are both scalable and sustainable. We can integrate any CRM, API or other business technology which allows for a truly innovative solution.

  • 05

    Entity training and maintenance
    To ensure quality, we constantly evaluate and improve the conversation flow.

Conversational e-com and advertising

Conversational ads are based on the idea of providing a more engaging and personalised experience to consumers, through increased engagement and user interaction with the advertisement.

Conversational interfaces

Using Conversational AI we create and develop effective conversational solutions that deliver impactful customer experiences. This technology allows the conversational entity to constantly learn and grow to keep meeting the needs of your organisation and its users.

Voice Interfaces

Using voice as an interface dissolves boundaries to read or interact with written text, making it extremely effective in terms of user adoption. Voice interfaces are replacing traditional workflows in, for instance, customer support and call centres.

We are specialised in
Google Dialogflow
Google Firebase
Digital Director
Vidar Daniels

With Vidar’s broad experience with design and usability, he is responsible for overseeing and strategising the use of digital design within Studio Vi. Vidar works closely with a team of digital professionals to ensure that projects are delivered on time and within budget.