Analytical Data

Google Analytics is the most popular and widely used analytical software. It’s free, highly integrative and collects large quantities of relevant data from your website traffic.

Adding Google Analytics to your website is a great way to get to know your visitors and improve their experience & ultimately your conversion rate.

Google Analytics Events tracking

Event tracking is a great way to further the capabilities of Google analytics. The event tracking feature allows you to record data specific to certain elements of your website, to provide you with further insight into how your visitors interact with your content, media, forms and more.

It highlights the performance of specific elements on your web page, providing insight into what optimizations and improvements can be made. You can manually customize these tracking events to custom fit your business strategy, providing you with the data you need to consider upgrades and implementation of features.

Custom reports in Google Analytics

Custom reports are a great way to hone in on specific analytical data, to represent an issue, performance levels and much more. They are a great way of providing clients with an insightful report that can signify improvements or failures at a precise level.

Google Analytics custom reports are especially useful when combined with marketing or advertising campaigns, highlighting the level of success a campaign has had. Custom reports are also used in SEO strategy, to highlight the aspects of your content that are over-performing and underperforming, so that the necessary adjustments can be made.