What it can do

The primary function of our PME conversational interface is to provide a high level of hospitality without the need for staff. This is done by automating common tasks involved in property management:

  • Checking in/out, done through WhatsApp or SMS
  • Digital keys are stored on your phone, unique to each guest. Can be used with a key-cutting partner such as Salto for all on-premises doors.
  • Real-time introduction and welcoming messages; can be prompted at any point of your customer journey, e.g. when you open the door to your room.
  • Automate standard hotel services; do not disturb, fresh towels, have the room cleaned, etc.
  • Guide visitors to local amenities and tourist attractions
  • Can connect you to an employee at any time
  • Scalable to multiple locations with multiple or one centralised system
  • Integrated with any booking system (Mews, Lodgify, Room Racoon, Beds24)

Benefits to business

The ability to streamline and automate common property management tasks means fewer working hours for staff with more consistent results. Through integrating this conversational interface with WhatsApp and SMS means that it’s accessible to any client with a phone. Businesses can provide their guests with a unique, high-tech experience without compromising on customer service. By automating the repetitive tasks that apply to most managed properties, more time is created for employees to focus on more unique tasks or improvements.

Customer Experience

Our property management conversational interfaces provide a unique experience to users. The 24/7 accessibility and easy to use, familiar interface (WhatsApp & SMS) mean guests can have a level of support difficult (and expensive) to achieve with employees. Our PME can handle thousands of requests per minute, meaning no one is left waiting to check in or have their queries wait in line. Our PME can handle almost all property management needs and has the option to connect with an employee at all stages, ensuring your customers get the service they deserve.