quality assurance testing

The aim of quality assurance testing is to ensure the quality of a software product, application or website meets the highest standards. Studio Vi applies this approach to all of its products with regular intervals of testing in cooperation with their clients, to ensure they get a product that meets or even exceeds their expectations.

We implement this to make sure that we deliver a high-quality product that our clients love. This same ethos and process can also be applied to existing products; if you have a website, application, or piece of software you are not happy with, we can conduct a full audit on how we can raise the quality, performance, and efficiency of your product, implementing changes with the same conviction that we show to our own products.

Website quality assurance testing

There are many factors to consider when testing a website’s quality: its layout, navigation, performance, error handling, security, database protection, fluidity & user experience. We have a structured approach to quality assurance testing that we apply to all of our clients’ websites.

These factors are also a big part of a successful SEO strategy. Fast loading times, secure data, and how straightforward it is to navigate are all key elements that Google looks for when ranking your website.

In May 2021, Google will implement its “Core Web Vitals” algorithm. This algorithm judges websites on their layout, responsiveness, and UI design. This will be the new way in which Google ranks your website. If you are looking to improve on these issues, or are curious to see where your website ranks, get in touch.