UI Design

Responsive web design company

Responsive web design is a design approach to web development that facilitates the users’ personal preferences when it comes to device, model, operating system, and screen size, so the designed product can effectively and efficiently adapt to these parameters.

The importance of responsive web design has grown exponentially with the rise in the use of mobile devices and tablets. Designers need to be aware of how their creations will adapt and respond to screen size while keeping a fluid and enjoyable user experience. While most responsive web design companies only show the final design, Studio Vi involves its clients already in the concept and User Experience design phases. Read more about our design process here.

UI design for websites

UI design for websites is the way in which visual elements of a website respond to user interactions and function accordingly. The design is based on improving how a user interacts with a product or service, using compelling visual elements and pages to provide a seamless and easy to use interface for consumers to interact with. Some key elements of UI design for websites are usability, navigation, engagement, and visual aesthetic.

App design agency

Studio Vi uses its skills in UI, UX, and graphic design to produce high quality, innovative designs for mobile applications ranging from PR to business solutions.

Our mobile application designs centre around the user’s experience, from aesthetic to navigation, we aim to make every step of engagement as enjoyable and seamless as possible. We carefully curate our designs to capture the identity and philosophy of our clients business, to provide the customer journey our clients want for their end-users.