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Visual brand identity

A brand’s visual identity is how a business creates an impression among its users through its product and logo design as well as the general aesthetic of its online presence. It’s the introductory element that lays the foundation for business-consumer relationships.

Images and branding are powerful tools of communication, portraying an identity and intention of a business. Vi.Amsterdam works to create accurate, meaningful brand identities that fit the criteria of the story you want your brand to tell. A brand identity is made up of logos, typography, colors, images, and the general aesthetic of your website, business cards, leaflets, and other means of visual communication.

Vi.Amsterdam provides creative and innovative solutions for brand creation and brand improvement across a variety of business sectors. To give you a clear picture of how we operate, here is an outline of our visual brand identity design process:

1. Discovery

The purpose of this phase is to collect and analyze information about the organization, its history, and its target audience.

We try to understand the goals and aspirations of the company’s team members and stakeholders, but also its values and the way it would like to be portrayed to its consumers. For this, we study the company’s history, the story behind the brand, and its target groups.

For Vi’s designers, gathering this information is essential to getting a clear picture of the company as a brand; a process that provides the best results when Vi’s designers work closely and transparently with the customer during this phase.

2. Design concept

After the “discovery” phase, the designers start creating concepts. These will exist from initial sketches and mockups that are presented. The feedback is then collected and processed in order to create the final version of the design concept.

These initial concepts may include variations of the logo (plus mockups of this in different situations), icons, colors, typography, illustration style, and photography style.

3. Design development

After a number of iterations in which the customer feedback is processed in stages, we work towards the final iteration of the logo and the overall visual identity.

4. Final design

Depending on what has been agreed upon, the final design can be delivered with additional mockups and expressions. In addition, a brand book will be made in which everything related to the new visual identity is described clearly with the aim of leaving nothing to the imagination for both the client and its future stakeholders.

Graphic Design agency

We are a graphic design agency inspired to create digital art that represents our client’s values and portrays the message they want to convene to their consumers. We involve the brand’s identity throughout our design process and work closely with our clients to ensure creative and innovative results that will amaze their customers.

Graphic design for printing

Vi.Amsterdam creates creative graphic designs for a wide range of products, both online and offline; think of a company’s merchandise and marketing material such as business cards, leaflets, posters, mugs, and pretty much any other surface that can be printed upon. We create both 2D and 3D vector graphics that fit the brand identity of our clients.