Voice assistant

Chatbot with voice

Using voice control with chatbot technology provides a flow of conversation, making it feel more natural and realistic, while still providing a robust and optimized experience for the user. Having voice control technology integrated with your chatbot expands the ways in which it can be used, whether it’s just for ease of use or if someone is written or visually impaired, voice control and responses make chatbot technology more accessible to a wider audience than traditional methods.

Google Home skills

Google Home is a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant that can do things like play music, activate smart devices, give you the latest traffic updates, and also answer certain questions. This can be custom integrated with chatbot technology to provide businesses with modern solutions with personalized commands and functions. Studio Vi can build Google Home skills tailor-made to your customers’ needs and requests, thereby providing an additional channel to provide support or make sales. For example, see a conversational voice interface for hospitality in action.

Google Assistant skills

Google Home provides the ability to create custom Google Assistant skills, which are small “apps” that serve a certain purpose for customers. It allows developers to create a user journey in order to provide service, sell a product, or get feedback. This opens up a variety of new ways in which Vi.Amsterdam can create and implement chatbot technology to work across your Google Home setup.

Amazon Alexa skill development

Like Google Home, Amazon Alexa also has incorporated skills into their platform, allowing Studio Vi the opportunity to develop custom software solutions that integrate with these established technology platforms. The ability to incorporate Alexa’s capabilities with our custom chatbots provides a robust and unique product, fully customizable to your business’s needs.