Website Maintenance Service

We provide our clients with a website maintenance service. This service package contains all the necessary elements to keep your website optimized, secure, updated, structured and SEO friendly.

Website technology is forever evolving and upgrading with new techniques and standards being implemented regularly. For this reason, we decided to create a package for our clients that would ensure their website stayed at the forefront of these developments.

Website Maintenance Plan

Before implementing our website maintenance package, we create a website maintenance plan, to outline and specify and prioritise the areas of our clients’ website that need maintenance.

This plan includes user experience optimisation, security, continuous improvements, performance monitoring & reporting, traffic analysis & conversion rate optimisation, and website speed and performance. These are all subjects that need to be revisited regularly, as technology develops and your traffic grows.

Website Maintenance WordPress

WordPress is a great back end solution for websites, as it contains extensive resources and capabilities. Although WordPress is a great all in one solution, it does need regular updates and maintenance.

In order to keep your WordPress website at peak performance and optimisation, it’s important to regularly perform these maintenance tasks; website backups, SEO optimisation, update plugins, find and fix 404 errors and links, optimize images, review security logs, and optimize your WordPress database.

If you have a WordPress website and want to implement regular and professional maintenance, get in touch with our team.