Customer data collection

Collecting data on your customers is a great way to give your business insight into how well your online business is performing, in which ways it can be improved, and what products or services are performing better than others.

It’s a great way to analyze, report and optimize your online business so that you can constantly strive to improve your traffic, conversion rate, and ultimately revenue.

Customer data management

Customer data management is the way in which businesses keep track of their customers’ information. This information can provide powerful insights into your client base, their demography, spending habits, and highlight to businesses more accurately what their target audience is.

Segment integration

Segment is a popular tool used to send data to analytical tools, most notably, Google analytics. Segment is a great option for businesses that want to send their data to multiple databases and marketing tools. Segment integrates seamlessly with a variety of platforms including, iOS, Android, Facebook, React js, Node and many more.

It uses a lightweight API to ensure its users do not experience any performance hindrance. If you would like to integrate Segment to your online platform, get in touch with our team.