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For the Dutch Entrepreneurial Development Bank FMO, Studio Vi was been asked to create an online platform as part of the “doing makes the difference” campaign led by the storytelling agency Lemon Scented Tea.




GreenSock animations


2018 - 2020

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The key objective was to support the detailed stories and reports regarding the projects with a user experience that would take the viewer on an educational journey.

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To achieve balance and cohesion, Studio Vi combined unique photography, infographics and motion effects for each individual project, resulting in a rich and linear flow. As a result, the platform lead to greater awareness within the target audience and different stakeholders, putting FMO and its work ethic “doing makes the difference” on the map.


Digital storytelling

The brief provided to us was clear; to accurately tell the stories of these projects. This focus shaped the idea of storytelling with web design. Through clever content placement, captivating photography and a thoughtful understanding of the user experience interacting with these stories led to an engaging user experience-driven website.

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Combining written and visual

The gentle blend of written content and images brought context and understanding to each image. This allowed for 2 mediums of communication to combine and create a rich and linear storytelling experience.

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Compelling and Engaging

The consideration we gave the storytelling aspect of this project shaped the design process. This resulted in a consistent and linear flow of content, easily readable and engaging to the user. The “doing makes a difference” campaign was given a platform to express the good work they had been doing to a wider audience.

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