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Marcommit has been successfully enhancing their clients’ visibility, reputation and above all success for over 19 years. Whether you are looking to build a brand, introduce new products or services, create content to support campaigns or appeal to a new target group, Marcommit has the experience and expertise to make it happen.




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A visual and technical revamp

Marcommit had grown beyond its current website. They approached Studio Vi to create a fresh approach to their online presence that more accurately reflected the positioning and ambitions of their company. They wanted to expand their audience, convert more visitors and develop an immersive customer journey. The design needed to be sophisticated, interactive and intuitive in its navigation and flow.

Ambitious Front-end

Marcommit wanted a modern, state of the art front-end, to match their companies core values and aspirations. Studio Vi embarked on a creative journey to translate the message Marcommit wanted to present to their online users, into an intuitive and modern front-end design. We focused on individual interaction throughout the customer journey, adding playfulness and surprise to certain elements, to keep users engaged and create an immersive experience.

Custom animated Icons

As part of the overall user experience, Studio Vi created custom animated iconography, clearly highlighting the client’s core services. These icons were made to be interactive, to increase user engagement, while staying within Marcommits brand identity and styling.

Custom iconography

Carefully selected fonts and micro animations bring Marcommits written and visual content to life. Making it interactive and therefore engaging


Innovative solutions to displaying content

Our custom animations, transitions and clever content placement, resulted in an enhanced user experience. We worked on performance optimizations on both the client and server side to ensure a smooth transition between pages with quick loading times; essential for user retention and SEO ranking.

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The same experience on a smaller screen

Marcommits analytical data showed that a high % of users visited their website on mobile devices. This further highlighted the need to encapsulate the full desktop experience on a small screen. This was done with clever menu toggles and flexible content to ensure their website looked great on all devices and platforms.

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