Creative Group has merged their consumer brands and core business services to one unified leading brand name and proposition: “Recharge”.


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Mobile Excellence


2020 - now


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Brand identity

To design & develop a website that accurately portrayed this corporation’s new brand and brand story. This needed to be built from a user experience perspective, with engagement and interactiveness at its core. Fluidity and therefore performance were key pillars of the design and development process.

To represent the company’s culture and values, Studio Vi created custom 3D characters, illustrations and iconography for the website.

Design process

Recharge is a brand with passion and scalability in its DNA. They have an international and diverse team with the shared spirit of treating their colleagues as if they were friends, or better yet: family. This is an important theme recurring throughout the entire website of the company. Our creation of custom 3D characters, illustrations and iconography provided a consistent message throughout the website, all in line with their branding.


Development stack

The fluidity, load times and animation heavy content demanded that we use a lightweight and performative stack. For this, we used Vue JS on the front end, NUXT.js on the back end and contentful CMS. We used the GSAP library for animations and transitions, making the user experience a playful and interactive one.

This resulted in a state of the art website, curated to fit the new branding and aesthetic of Recharge. Thoughtful UX design and custom illustrations and icons shared this identity through all aspects of their online presence