Villas Domburg

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Villas Domburg is a collection of luxury villas in the heart of Zeeland, located at a walking distance from the beach and specially designed for providing a carefree holiday.


PHP/Wordpress/WPML multilingual


NodeJS/Lodgify API integration

GreenSock animations


2018 - now

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Villas Domburg approached Studio Vi to translate the perception of the villas and their surroundings into a rich online experience.

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Custom Landingpages

Since every villa boasts a unique identity with a different size, style, interior and facilities, each of them has its own unique landing page and colour scheme in line with the villa’s interior and surroundings. This gives online visitors an accurate representation of the individual locations


The custom content management and booking systems allow the hosts of Villas Domburg to manage all matters in regards to reservations themselves in a fully automated workflow. This gave the staff at each villa the control they needed to run each property smoothly for them and their guests.

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